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Software for XMT Measurement Tools Overhauled

SWISSON has released new firmwares for the XMT-120A as well as for the XMT-350. Specially worth mentioning about the latest firmwares are the additions to the XMT-350 firmware, which is now at version 1.23 and supports approximately thirty more request types to RDM responders.

The XMT-350 can now be used to query or set the real time clock of a responder or to remotely record or replay a scene on an RDM responder supporting this functionality, just to mention a few of the newly supported request types.

More details about the changes of the firmware can be found in the release notes on the product page of the XMT-120A or XMT-350, respectively.

At the same time, new versions of the Fixture Library Editor have been published. In particular, the Fixture Library Editor for OS X has been remarkably improved and does now support OS X 10.9 Mavericks.


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