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XMT-350 and XMT-120A Even More Versatile Now

SWISSON further extends its DMX measurment tools known for their versatility with the functionality of an advanced Flicker Finder.

Monitoring each and every value sent over your DMX line while the console is sending a non-changing DMX look, the Flicker Finder will even find and report the smallest glitch whether it manifests itself as

  • an altered DMX value,
  • as a framing error,
  • as a changed number of received channels,
  • or as a loss of the signal.

No matter what the nature of the glitch is, the Flicker Finder will let you know exactly what happened immediately while monitoring a DMX signal. After scanning for flickers an overview report and a per channel report provide even more information about any occurred glitch or flicker.

Owners of an XMT-120A or XMT-350 can get the Flicker Finder for their device by updating their device's firmware. The firmware update is available for download now.



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