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XMT-120A Fixture Library Editor Released

The XMT-120A Fixture Library Editor, which has been released along with a new firmware for the XMT-120A allows you to easily create, edit and maintain fixture definitions for the XMT-120A. The firmware update enables the XMT-120A to store up to 100 fixture definitons with up to 45 DMX channels each.

The Fixture Library Editor can easily be downloaded and installed in a minute. Once installed, creating a new fixture definition is straight forward. Simply open the Fixture Library Editor, press the 'Add new Fixture Definition' button and enter the model name of the fixture and the name of the manufacturer.

Then find the DMX chart for your fixture on the fixture manufacturer's website and enter the channel names according to your fixture's DMX chart. Once you're done, you can store your fixture definition on your PC and/or send the fixture definition to the XMT-120A.

To make it easier for you to build-up and maintain your own little collection of fixture definitions, they are stored in 'library' files that can contain any number of fixture definitions. More...



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