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XND-4 Swisson Ethernet DMX Node

XND-4 is a user friendly Art-Net to DMX converter supporting the distribution of four universes of DMX via four individually optically isolated DMX outputs. Since most major lighting consoles are capable of transmitting Art-Net data, XND-4 is all you need in order to take advantage of your console’s networking capability.


Optically Isolated 2:8 DMX Splitter and RDM Hub

XPD-28 is the latest and at the same time the most sophisticated Swisson splitter. The RDM capable splitter features two DMX inputs (A and B) and eight DMX outputs, which are intuitively assignable to any of the two universes at the push of a button.


Software for XMT Measurement Tools Overhauled

SWISSON has released new firmwares for the XMT-120A as well as for the XMT-350. Specially worth mentioning about the latest firmwares are the additions to the XMT-350 firmware, which is now at version 1.23 and supports approximately thirty more request types to RDM responders.


Energy reduction